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Hi Conrad,

Quick tip - if you update your location (in the User CP - top left, just under home) It helps people answer questions that may be relevant to your market region!

I'll throw my 2 cents in..

Light Pack:

Contains the light in the glove box . if you use your glove box a lot, then it's a great feature. The lights on the doors are a nice safety feature when opening onto a busy street. The footwell lighting looks pretty cool at night. Map lights, nice when you're trying to read something. Perhaps these are not essential, but a nice set nevertheless

DAB Radio:

Don't have one so can't comment, but I do have an AMI interface and a mini external hard disk. - For me makes a much better bang-for-buck as I don't listen to the radio much, but do have a collection of music in MP3.
(FYI: DAB broadcast reception very much depends on your location!)

Auto Dimming Mirrors:

I presume you mean the rear view only? This is also available with dimming wing mirrors, which made more sense to me as if you've got some idiot with misaligned headlights (or seemingly more and more SUV's!) behind you, you're not going to get annoyed with the glare from either.
I've got them, wouldn't necessarily make it one of the highest priorities unless you do a lot of night driving.

Parking Plus:

Personally I love this! Although the audio indication is good, having the diagram pop-up on the MMI to show exactly where on the front & rear the object is approaching is a really nice touch. If you live in the city do lots of parallel parking, then raise it's priority. If you've got a garage and just shuttle to your workplace car park or the supermarket you could probably do fine with the standard (again country specific!) audio alert for the rear

Like I say, just my 2c.
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