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Hi Conrad
My A5 was "off the rack" and as such I didn't get to chose any extras I would have wanted- the only one I miss from my A4 are the front parking sensors (has standard rear sensors without a display) and autodimming mirrors -the others you mention are really a matter of personal preference and I agree with the others on the DAB- excellent in theory, dismall in practice (at least for the time being?). The standard fit radio is excellent and the SD card reader makes a CD autochanger a total waste of money IMO as you can fit 13+ albums on a 1GB card which takes up less room than a match box- much tidier than a bunch of CDs rattling around your car! (it can take up to 2GB cards by the way).
Can't help with the hands free kit as I have a Parrot system from my A4 that I can't get my local fone fitter interested in fitting....
Have fun with your order and even more when the beauty arrives!:D
PS Go for Hill Hold assist for sure -mine doesn't have it and it's taken some getting used to hill starting on a button after a handbrake on my A4
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