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A5 Interior Dimensions

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I had one of the first S4's in the DFW area back in 1999 and loved it. I believe the A5 or S5 might just be my next Audi. Does anyone have the interior deminsions of the car - specifically the rear seats? I am hoping it will be big enough to haul around the kids.

Thanks in advance.
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Maybe they are listed in here:

That is the UK site but I would guess the interior wouldn't vary for the US.

Welcome. How old are the kids? My understanding is it has a little more than the Maserati Coupe (I don't mean the new GranTurismo) which should be fine for anyone under 5ft tall.
The kids are 7. If the back seat has as much room as my old S4 (and the A5/S5 has a longer wheelbase than the S4) they should be fine.
Shouldn't be a problem then. You'll have at least 5 to 7 years before they get crowded and by then you might be ready for a new car.
Nice find. Looks like the back seats are:

1342mm wide (both together)
914mm from seat to roof

They left out the distance from the back seat to the front seat.
Thanks guys! There looks to be about the same amount of room that is in my current RX-8 and the kids fit back there fine (for short trips anyway).
interior dimensions

From the Audi Germany website you can compare interior dimensions of the A5 to the A4. The A5 is slightly smaller in interior width compared to the A4. Interestingly, plenty of pre-buzz on this car wanted to all it a two door A6. Its smaller (in interior width) only incrementally. I still want one.
Can someone understand the interior measurements to let me know if the A5/S5 interior is bigger than the current BMW 3 series? Because I find that too tight.
Can someone understand the interior measurements to let me know if the A5/S5 interior is bigger than the current BMW 3 series? Because I find that too tight.
Sure, do you have dimensions of the BMW 3 series? My gut says the A5 will be larger.
If your worried about room from the kids, just do what i do and strap em to the roof..

Problem solved, and now you have the extra leg room you need.
LOL, yes actually lots of mags/websites/forums/(a certain TV program thats not top gear or 5th gear) do BS ALOT!! they do that to get people excited and buy their mags and stuff! "CAR" mag to name 1, and you already know about MAX power i'm guessing, the amount of times i've seen CAR BS about future models is unbelieveable, they're a complete joke, fake news, rubbish estimates on performance, PHOTOSHOPED PICS (the A6 with the rear doors cut out) they did that and called it the new A6 coupe, what a bunch of w*****s! they deserve to be *******, anyways dont listen to everything car mags tell you. the A5 is more or less the same as the 3, inside the A5 is roomier in the front than the 3, but the 3 is SLIGHTLY roomier than the A5, the boot in the 3's already a joke thank god the BOOT in the A5's brilliant(IF YOU GO FOR RUN FLATS AND DONT HAVE TO CARRY A SPARE!!) and dont forget unlike the 3, the A5's got a huge centre console for them all inportant buttons. so much nicer in the audi anyways, BMWs used to be so good, but are now designed and built rubbish since they started to get friendly with a certain(no names mentioned here) american car manufacturer
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