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A5 headlight level sensor

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I am wondering if someone could offer some advise as I am currently confused. I have a A5 2.0 TDI sportback 2013, I recently got round to putting in some new bulbs so took it for a test drive at night, noticed that dipped beams are still really low and when turning right around a corner they shoot up into the shy and gradually lower back down. Did some research and it seemed to suggest that I would have a dodgy headlight levelling sensor and these would be located on the front and rear passenger sides. Watched some YouTube's and decided I would swap the front one over first to see if that worked. Have had no errors flash up btw. Ordered a part that confirmed to my reg number. Have just gone to fit it today and I don't seem to have one on the front, passenger or driver? Only have one on the rear passenger side (which has snapped) should I have one on the front as I can't find anywhere that confirms this? Thanks
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