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A5 Crash

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I have a 2009 A5 3.2 Quattro in Brilliant Black with Cinnamon Milano Leather. I was leaving the bank the other day and was at a stop light. Looking in my rear-view mirror, I saw the letters "JEEP" getting closer, and closer. Then, BAM! She hit me. She was only going about 5mph, but it was enough to push me.

I got out of my car, and it looked like their was no damage (It was raining). I went to see her and she was a 65+ Years Old Woman who claims she has swollen knees, and she even said she should not be driving.

I got her insurance info, make, model, license plates, etc. I thought there was no damage, but when I checked the next day, their was a giant ding, and one of the park distance control circle things are dislodged.

I am getting it inspected Monday, but I was just wondering what a rear bumper for an A5 would cost, and if their is any certified Audi Repair Shops in Maryland, Baltimore to be specific.

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It might have only been a low speed shunt but the way cars are designed these days I would get the crumple zones behind the bumber checked out.
If these are damaged you will probably need to claim off her insurance.
I would claim off her anyway.
Was she reported ?. If she cant stop because she cant press the brake pedal then its lucky that you were a car and not a child
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