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Can you run any of the following tyres on 20x10" wheels (with a 35 offset) on stock suspension, both front and rear, without any rubbing at full-lock?


A cracked wheel (and stripped tyre with it) has forced my hand on updating the tyre setup on my 2009 B8 A5 Coupe, and I'm looking at options for larger rubber.

I'm currently running 275/30R20 tyres on 20x10" wheels (with a 35 offset).

There's two issues I'm dealing with on this setup:

1) The outer lip of the 10" wheels are too exposed with the current 275mm wide tyres. There's about 6-7mm of metal sticking out, which curbs much too easily (all of the wheels had significant gutter rash when I bought the car, and it makes parking unnecessarily stressful).

2) The low-profile, 30 aspect-ratio tyres don't offer a lot of protection for the rims (which no doubt played a part in the one that's gone and cracked on me over the christmas break).

So I'm wanting to reshod the car with tyres that will both have enough width to cover the outer lip of the wheel, and (ideally) have a higher profile (to offer a little more ride-heigh/comfort/protection for the wheels themselves). All while avoiding any issues with rubbing.

I'm on stock suspension, so have a fair amount of clearance. And the car is AWD, so it'll be the same wheels/tyres on all four corners (so whatever I choose needs to fit properly both front and rear).

I've spent HOURS searching (on here and other forums) for clear info on larger tyre clearances, and the only one I currently feel semi-confident will fit (based on multiple positive reports) is 275/35R20, however (if my current 275s are anything to go by) that probably won't be wide enough to provide the additional protection for the outer lip of the rims that I'm looking for.

If I have to play it safe, and just run 285/30R20s all-round, then I'll do that. But I really would like to get some additional rubber to protect the wheels if I can (since I'm planning to fork out more money on getting the gutter rash repaired, and the wheels fully repainted. I'm not worried about the speedo being a little off, or the ride height lifting a little.

Here's the current 275/30R20s:

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire

And the exposed wheel lips that have been scraped up on all four wheels:

Tire Wheel Bicycle tire Automotive tire Tread

Would appreciate ANY insight people could offer (y)

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Mate some experts will be along soon. Personally I would favour a little caution and given you are spending good money a. for the tyres and b. to refurbish your wheels, I would err on the slightly smaller side???
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