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A5 coupe 2009 model

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Hi I’ve got a Audi A5 coupe Quattro Sline 2.0 (2009) it doesn’t have any door lights fitted but I’ve bought some puddle lights without checking first like an idiot , is there wiring already in the doors if I cut a hole in the door card where they go ?
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If your B8 A5 has the red "warning" lamps in the trailing edges of the doors, then most of the wiring is there, since the entry lamp (AKA puddle light) is wired in parallel with the red warming lamp, which is powered from the door control module (possibly VAG PN 8T0959793J). Best case, the entry lamp connector harness is there; worse case, you'll need to get a couple connectors with pigtail wires to make this work (search for "vw 893971632"), possibly wired to the door control module directly (e.g., ETKA doesn't show the lamp connectors in the A5 door wiring harness in '09); these are powered by terminal 16 of the 32-pin door control module connector. --g
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Looked at this again in ETKA and found this: individual parts Audi A5/S5 Coupe/Sportback (A5CO) 2009 year Audi EUROPA 972040

PN for the door wire harness is either older (before May '10) or earlier (after May '10), and both include the door warning and door entry lamp connectors. --g
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