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Hi there, got strange issue after winter in my 2013 cabriolet:

  • console soft top open/close button does not work;
  • console all windows up/down button does not work;
  • rear window heating does not work;
  • trunk open from key fob does not work;
  • no faults on dashboard;
  • VCDS shows no faults for address 26 (AutoRoof);
  • VCDS address 26 / output tests 03 / dash icon for soft top operation / start - "Aborted. Safety reasons";
  • VCDS address 26 / advanced measurment blocks / all windows button status - shows valid action when button is pressed or pulled;

  • fuses are ok, checked all of them (pulling out, checking with multimeter and back to its place);
  • no other faults except for right rear door, which I had before winter and soft top was operational;
  • windows up / down functionality works using control panel in driver's door;
  • disconnected battery, removed soft top module (J256), opended visually checked for water leaks or bad soldering, reinstalled, reconnected battery, no faults in VCDS;
  • removed switches (E134, E643) for console soft top operation and all windows operation, disasembled, checked for proper opearion - soft top up / down connects pins 4 / 5 to ground;
  • check for ground in 6 pin connector (E134, E643);
  • checked leads to (J256) soft top module's 16 pin connector from central control soft top operation button (E134)- pins 4/5;
  • checked J256 connectors for broken wires;

I've read through - procarmanuals[dot]com/vag-ssp-440-audi-a5-cabriolet/ - which points me at might be problem with the module itself... Something (J393 convenience system central control unit?) is just cutting off all above functionality as soft top open sequence is about to start?

Any thoughts? I am happy to drop some details I got from VCDS if needed.
Tomorrow I am going to buy some used module and give it a try.
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