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A5 Cabriolet - no sound

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I've got a 2015 A5 Cabriolet SE+ with the B&O sound system. A few weeks ago the sound stopped working. Everything else was fine, the parking sensor work as they should (although the reverse camera only works when it wants to. The radio was showing no signal but the volume controls indicated that the volume was changing. I've go not audio from CD, SD , DAB, FM or navigation.

As the car uses distributed architecture I discovered that the amp is in the boot. I've remove the boot liner on the passenger side and got the Lear/B&O amp out. I can see no sights of water damage, I do know that the boot leaks on both sides, but that's a job for a sunny day.

As I said I've got the amp out but there appears to be another module behind the motor for the roof. Does anybody have any hand tips on getting the other module out? Do I need to remove all the motor etc for the roof to get it out?
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Iain please show us the car mate!!!! Problems are generally coming from water ingress in the boot cos loads of electronics are placed there just where the water can do its worst. You will need to scan the car with VCDS at an indi VAG service guy to try and start your research!!!
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