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Hi everyone,

I know its been discussed before, but looking for a answer in relation to my particular scenario in regards to retrofitting OEM Bixenon headlights to my A5 Coupe (currently fitted with Halogen lights)

From forums i have read so far, it looks like for me it would be a case of fitting the replacement units using kufatec 36229 adaptor's and running two single cables to the J519 module located under drivers side dash.

I have ran a VCDS scan on my car, and from what i can see the part number (for what i believe is the J519 module) in my car is 8K0907063DC as seen below.


After calling Audi to double check, they have confirmed the part number for the J519 module on my car is 8K0907063DL?


Anyhow, would anyone know if this module is ok to be used for the Bixenon headlight retrofit in regards to plugging in the two Grey cables for high beam function?

Appreciate any help you guys can offer??
Thank you!
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