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Just fitted a pair of power folding mirrors to my A5 cabriolet, following this guide:-

...along with guidance from various other threads on t'interweb.

Followed the advice I have coded the three changes and they operate as expected closing when you lock the car, and opening when you start the ignition.

With the parts I have purchased, the manual function from the switch does not appear to work? The switch adjusts the mirror alignment, so that part is working, but the folding function does not?

I purchased a really keenly priced leather door pocket with all the electrical switches already in place. This is from a cabriolet. The switch in the guide is a 8K0959565C but the switch I have is an 8K0959565E. The part that I purchased is pictured below:-


Could it be that there is additional wiring needed between the switch and the door module?

Anyone experienced a similar issue can help?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers, Lee
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