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Hello All,

Please forgive my ignorance on the technicals here:

I just moved and haven't driven my 2008 A5 3.2 in a week and a half due to being so busy. Today I jumped in just to take it around the block to blow the cobwebs out.
Well, when I started it there was a super loud ticking noise that got slightly less loud after a couple seconds. Obviously I shut it off right away. Motor was running for max 5 seconds.
The check engine and EpC lights were illuminated.
I have a Bluetooth scanner and it came up with P11BO Cam shift actuator.
I looked up changing these solenoids out and it seems fairly easy and the factory part is inexpensive.

My questions concer the clicking being loud then quieting somewhat during the 5 seconds the engine was on.

Could part of the solenoid have broken off in the motor?
Does the solenoid make physical contact with the cam or any other part in the motor normally?
What damage could have occurred other than the solenoid itself being faulty?

Oil level is good, coming up on the change interval.

Thanks in advance.
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