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New too the group so thought I’d start a “build thread”
I bought the car around a month ago totally standard with 34,000 miles I decided to go for the automatic as I do a lot of miles per day going to and from work.

First of all I changed all of the badges from the standard chrome to carbon on the front and back and then black s line on the front wings.

Next was the rear lights , they are too “red” in my opinion so I went for a darker look but still visible during the day.

These cars are pretty powerful from factory and coming from a 2.0 3 series to 3.0v6 it was a massive power increase. After around a month of getting it I decided to go for a stage1 map. This was done at Ecotune in Glasgow and they done a great job.
They ran in standard and should have made 245bhp and around 500 nm, it actually made 264bhp and 555nm which I was surprised at!
So after the stage 1 they managed to get 318bhp and 629nm this was totally standard.

The power increase was very noticeable but it always missed something , the v6 noise!

I decided to go down the route of the 3” down pipe from dark side developments and also went for the darkside intercooler , this was all done by Ecotune again along with a stage 2 map. The car made 319bhp and 656nm .
To be honest I was expecting more of an increase from the down pipe but only managed to achieve a 1bhp more. I was told that different conditions different days would affect the reading and I should compare the stage 1 graph with the stage 2. Obviously there was a torque increase but I did expect more bhp for the money spent.

On a cold start up the car now “hisses” and there is a noticeable noice increase with standard boxes in place but I think my next plan is too go for a 3” straight pipe from the down pipe back!

I’ll update as I go on but any suggestions for improvements wouldn’t go a miss!


been a while since I’ve been on here so here’s a little update!

I ended up getting a full exhaust done on the car , 2.5”straight through from the dark side downpipe , the noise is unreal!
I went for slash tips in a black chrome aswell , all done by pipe dynamics in fife Scotland.

Next I have got the X UK Front splitter which just sets the front end of the car off! I got some carbon fibre struts as well as I had seen then done and liked the look of it



I went for 20mm spacers all round aswell to give the car a bit more presence , the tuck on the rear wheels was a real bug bear of mine

I managed to get a spoiler from eBay at a good enough price and with this on along with everything else I am happy with the look now!
And lastly I’ve fitted some paddle extensions ( from eBay only £35) really worth the small price for the look it gives!

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