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A5 3.0 TDi Mini-Meet at APS - 6 Sep 2008

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There was a bit of a mini meet at APS today when myself, MeteorSilver and timbotdi had various mods applied to our cars. Most of the pictures are of my own car (my son was taking the piccies whilst I chatted :rolleyes:). timbotdi's car spent most of the time up on the ramp and by the time it came down, it was raining - so not much chance for piccies of his car. MeteorSilver was the first one done and I have a couple of pics of his A5 but he had to get away back to York so left fairly early.

Spinner came to collect his S5 after the RS brake mod (see thread here) and IanHp1 came along as well. No sign of Ess5ive - probably still in bed. :D

Anyway, I've sorted through some before and after pictures and present them for your perusal (they are in before & after pairs order). Enjoy.


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Really good to meet you all on Saturday. I think my car will always feel some kind of afinity to Reb's having undertaken simultaneous surgery!

It was awesome to finely hear the two Miltek S5 setups in person, and will second Ian's thoughts on the difference between the two - his was a lot louder! Spinnner's brakes are stunning tho... There's an 1800 pound hole outlined in my wallet.

Thanks to Ed, Nathan, and all the other guys at APS - it was a pleasure to meet you all, and special note to Ed for taking me out in the 340BHP Edition 30 - nice! ;o)

And onto the most important bit of all - the car!

I had the following fitted - 15mm spacers all-round, KW2 suspension set to the same height as Spinner's but with the damping stiffened up a few notches, and the Miltek exhaust.

The spacers are a must, and make the photos of the car as standard just look wrong!

The suspension, as others have already commented, is very civilised, but far more composed in all instances - acceleration, cornering and braking. It almost seems to cope with bumps and potholes better than the standard setup due to the lack of body roll, and that's with firmer damping than others have had. It looks a lot tidier, but does also remind me that the 18s will have to go at some point! ;o)

The exhaust is just lovely! The sound is not over the top, but floor it through 2nd / 3rd in an enclosed space, and it's dribble worthy... Aesthetically the largers pipes make the standard setup look asthmatic, and fill out the valance perfectly.

And some pics...


On the ramp with Reb's - Standard vs. Miltek:

Front suspension:

Rear suspension:

Just about done:

Sittin' pretty:

Back home:

Back home #2:

Back home #3:

Exhaust close-up:

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Cheers for the comments guys, and apologies to dbs2 for the encouragement - I know I didn't need much!

If I were to change the wheels I have a particular set of DPE 20" x 10"s in mind, but with parallel parking everyday, and the massive wedge of readies required, I'll at least see out this set of tyres! ;o)

And as far as I know this is the only style Miltek currently offer, although I seem to remember they talked of doing twin tip a la S5, early on in it's development. I did originally fancy twin RS style ovals, but this'll do fine - I kinda feel it gives it an individual feel, differentiating it from the S5s, as it's a TDI only option at the mo. Depends how proud you are of the fuel going in the filler neck!


Got to agree with Spinner on Reb's car - with the stance and exhaust the car has now, it looks spot on.

We'll have to compare the ride damping at the next meet - obviously I have no point for comparison, but having driven my usual 30 mile commute yesterday, I believe the the car handles small bumps and pot holes better than the standard setup. Going over small / ridged speed bumps, even at very slow speed, is a bit harsh, but I can live with that! Overall the handling of the car is fantastic... The confidence to corner is outstanding, and gives the Quattro system the balance to do it's thing.

I'd give your current exhaust a couple more thousand miles before giving up on it, Spinner - it might just need longer to 'bed in'.

Kudos for resisting hammering the brakes... It's well worth it, as by the weekend you'll be out braking almost everything on the road, and with lovely straight discs, and unscorched pads, to boot! ;o)

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