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A5 3.0 TDi Mini-Meet at APS - 6 Sep 2008

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There was a bit of a mini meet at APS today when myself, MeteorSilver and timbotdi had various mods applied to our cars. Most of the pictures are of my own car (my son was taking the piccies whilst I chatted :rolleyes:). timbotdi's car spent most of the time up on the ramp and by the time it came down, it was raining - so not much chance for piccies of his car. MeteorSilver was the first one done and I have a couple of pics of his A5 but he had to get away back to York so left fairly early.

Spinner came to collect his S5 after the RS brake mod (see thread here) and IanHp1 came along as well. No sign of Ess5ive - probably still in bed. :D

Anyway, I've sorted through some before and after pictures and present them for your perusal (they are in before & after pairs order). Enjoy.


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Guys, good to see you again, and Tim, nice to meet you.

...After seeing these, I think a 3.0 TDi with these mods makes it look awesome... If Audi had made them like this out of the factory, I would have been hard pushed to choose between these and the S5... there's only really the V8 and the seats between them.

We did discover something yesterday however... The milltek slash-cut exhaust appears to be much louder than the rolled tips... ??? go figure??? ...Spinners S5 has the rolled tips and has had the Milltek fitted for 2k miles and mine has slash cut and 5k miles... there's a marked difference inside and out... I may be just the mileage, and another few k on Spinners car should tell!

PS... Spinners brakes look awesome! I have brake envy now when I look at my poxy 14" plain discs with single pot calipers! :eek:
Passing the blame...

Good to see you guys.

Ian being honest having heard the difference between our exhausts its been playing on my mind ever since. Ed always said the rolled tips would be quieter which suited me as I did want a slightly more refined sound, but it's just too much! Looks like I'm going to have to consider a change. Don't think I want the slash cuts so will have to look into Joe's route and see what I can come up with. Anyway it's all your fault for pointing it out to me and I assure you when it comes to explaining to the missus the blame soley lays at your feet :D

...It's not my fault, I blame REB!!! I didn't know there was a difference until I turned up on Sat and Reb told me mine was much louder! ;)

As for the noise... you could wait to see if it changes in the next few k miles or if you like the current tips, think about taking out the resonator or adding the AWE downpipes... both should have a profound effect on the sound!
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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