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2009 Audi A5 2.0 TDI
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I'm in serious need of some assistance.
My mechanic managed to lose a bunch of screws and clips for the engine guard/skidplate or who/whatever happened to them. Therefore I lost both the skidplate and a wheel liner on the highway which was no fun at all.

I'm looking for a complete set of OEM, or otherwise a decent set/kit of aftermarket replacement parts...
That would include wheel liner clips, screws, both engine, and transmission skid plates, as well as a mounting thingy that connects the liner with the skid plate, and a wheel arch liner (carpet preferably). All the screws and all the clips, please.

I'm desperate, I've turned the whole interwebs for parts and no luck so far, a few parts and a screw here and there but that's it so far.

Does any of you know who might sell me the whole kit? I've tried the Audi service here in Croatia but they claim that they don't sell those for my model.

It's an Audi A5, 2009, CAHA 2.0TDI, 125kW with a manual, 6-speed transmission.

Please help a brother out.
Thanks so much!

2014 A4Q/8K 6MT MMI 3G+
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ETKA tells us all of these parts should be available.

Front wheel housing liner:
8T0821171M Wheel housing liner, coupe, left
8T0821172M Wheel housing liner, coupe, right
8K0098629 Front wheel housing liner attachment parts kit

Engine noise insulation (aka skidplate):
8K0863821AF Noise insulation (skid plate)
Mounting hardware kit: Engine splash guard hardware mounting kit screw fits for AUDI A4 A5 A6 A7 Q5 | eBay (from Lithuania) --g
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