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I'm very impressed with my 2.7 TDi - now that I've ran it for just over a month (and around 2,000 miles) I can honestly say it's the best of both (or should that be all?) worlds....

  1. a smooth and lazy automatic when in 'D' that takes all the stress out of driving
  2. able to overtake with a 'pull' on the steering-wheel paddles as this drops you into 'manual' but switches back to 'D' when you calm down
  3. a very competent (for a front-wheel-drive diesel) 'sports' car when the gearbox is in 'sport' mode with 8-speeds to play with - this setting is excellent for pulling away from junctions or fast, winding, roads

...I was considering the 1.8 TFSi but I'm now so glad I chose the 2.7 TDi Multitronic Sport.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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