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Well at 200km a day and assuming you do that for 5 days a week I make that out to be approx 30,000 miles per year.

Looking at the combined mpg of both cars the 2.7TDI gives 42.2mpg and the 1.8TFSI gives you 39.8mpg on the combined cycle. Even extra urban is very close between the two cars. So if your looking for economy between the cars no point in getting the 2.7 TDI as its £4000 more expensive in the UK. I'm assuming it will have the same percentage difference in price in other countries too. So basically what i'm saying is that there isn't a big enough difference in economy between the two cars to make it worth your while for the TDI.

The only reason to get the TDI is if you want that bit more power and torque, and when a re-map is available for the 2.7TDI it will have close to having the same power as the 3.0TDI for far less money.

The alternative is if your budget allows you to get the 2.7 TDI you could get a 1.8TFSI with a whole load of options, i'd probably do this and re-map this car for that little bit more power.

Hope that helps.....
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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