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These are very risky engines and you should only purchase if the seller can provide evidence pistons were upgraded by main dealer and proper documents.
I bought a 2009 2.0i TFSI model back in Oct that had new engine fitted by Audi under warranty 32k miles and it a great car. But I would not go near one without the work done by Audi. If the garage is giving 1 years warranty this will give you time to check the oil consumption and if faulty return the car.

You also need to factor the suspension would be tired for that age. I replaced the front shocks and top mounts DIY last week and the drive is day and night. The old shocks were original with 90k miles on them and no rebound. I have the rear shocks and few front control arms in the shed and will replace when decent weather in UK.

There are not many choices of cars for that age. I have owned the a 2010 BMW 320i and find this A5 much better drive. Other option is a Merc C class and their petrol engine have their own faults. Or its a Japanese car and they bland

With any used car its down to the service history and how you maintain it going forward.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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