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Hi all

The cooling fan on the A5 is running all the time, alot of the time at very high speed. This morning the ambient air temp was 1.5°C and fan ran at high speed right from starting the engine. After a 30 minute drive the fan was still running but not as fast as before. The top inlet hose to the rad felt warm but not too hot to hold and the bottom outlet hose was cold. I plugged in the OBDeleven and got no faults at all on this. I'm a novice with the OBDeleven but I tried finding some live data. . . .

Coolant Temp = 78.0°C
Coolant Temp at Engine Outlet, specified value = 78.0°C
Coolant Temp at Radiator Outlet, actual value = 9.8°C
Coolant Temp at Radiator Output, specified value = -48.0°C
Coolant temperature difference between engine and radiator = 68.2°C
Coolant fan 1, activation = 24.61%

I think the 9.8°C radiator outlet seems about right from how it felt. So if this sensor is correct, it doesn't make much sense why the fan needs to be running.

My S3, with a similar engine, doesn't run the fan at all, under the same conditions.

Any ideas?

Thanks for reading
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