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A5 2.0T 2010 Mods?

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Anybody know any mods for the new 2010 a5 2.0T ?

Lemme know if you guys know some!

Since I'm looking to get myself that model.
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It looks like the Bluefin is definitely the best bang for your buck. Both APR's chip and the Bluefin are approx $700 Canadian. With APR tuning you have to specifically match the mapping program to the different octane fuels available. I see no mention of that in the Bluefin info.

You can't run an engine map specific to 93/94 octane and then put in regular fuel, even APR says it could be quite harmful to the engine. Does the UK only have the higher grade fuel?
I'm also patiently waiting. I don't pick up my new car for another week but only bought it b/c I knew I could chip it. 211hp is a little (lot) on the shy side for a 3800lb car!
rc777 don't feel bad, I did my homework and APR actually told me they could do the remap. Little did I know they had never tried it on a 2010. Same goes for Bluefin, they were prepared to sell me the handheld until I found out that the 2010 had increased security. I don't know if I would sell my car over it, I think at the very least it will only take 8 weeks for them to be able to crack it. Nissan claimed the GT-R's ECU was uncrackable and someone had cracked it within a month of the car being released.

Since selling my Porsche, I've waited 10 weeks for the car and their is no way I'm going to sell it right away, even if I am disappointed with the factory performance.
That doesn't apply to 2010's.......only older A5's.
Don't you think if anyone, specifically APR or Bluefin knew the exact technical difference in the ECU then they would be able to flash it?!?

Audi, like all owners of copyrighted technology don't want people hacking into and changing their systems. The difference is increased security....
1 - 6 of 31 Posts
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