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A5 2.0T 2010 Mods?

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Anybody know any mods for the new 2010 a5 2.0T ?

Lemme know if you guys know some!

Since I'm looking to get myself that model.
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Does anyone have the APR upgrade on their 2010 2.0Turbo? If not, why? This appears to be a magnificent deal for HUGE increases?
There is a local installer near my house, and I'm thinking of doing it...thoughts?
I tried to get mine APR'd but for some reason the car won't accept the code. The same APR dealer did another A5 recently with no problem. :wall:
That is very weird. Should I try and get it done or wait?
Why wait? They shouldn't charge you if you car won't take the code. All you'd lose is an hour of free time.
I'm also patiently waiting. I don't pick up my new car for another week but only bought it b/c I knew I could chip it. 211hp is a little (lot) on the shy side for a 3800lb car!
I checked with my local APR dealer (H2Sport in Georgetown ON) last week. They told me APR said "a few weeks".

Reminds me of the infamous APR "2 weeks" debacle from the B6 days...
DeMo.. hahaha I got the same answer back in first week of Sept, APR told me 3 weeks. So month went by, no words from APR, I sent PM to [email protected] to get an update. Mike basically said they're still working on it, can't promise any time frame on it...
At least they didn't take my money yet!
1 - 4 of 31 Posts
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