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A5 2.0T 2010 Mods?

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Anybody know any mods for the new 2010 a5 2.0T ?

Lemme know if you guys know some!

Since I'm looking to get myself that model.
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APR is still working on the files for the new ECU. They're working on 2010 A4 which has same ECU as A5 2.0T. No time frame yet... Mike said he'll let me know when its ready. Since I already pre-paid for it.. just a waiting game now...
DeMo.. hahaha I got the same answer back in first week of Sept, APR told me 3 weeks. So month went by, no words from APR, I sent PM to [email protected] to get an update. Mike basically said they're still working on it, can't promise any time frame on it...
That doesn't apply to 2010's.......only older A5's.
True, 2010's 2.0T ECU is different from older 2.0T ECU. That's why even A4 2.0T could not be re-flased...
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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