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Hi all

I bough this car second hand around 3 month ago with 113000 km on it.

I done service around 1000 km ago and been told by the mechanic that engine is not original (so probably swapped with another second hand engine).

The engine had this issue from the first day, but it is getting worsen (we are in transition from winter to spring in Australia, so it is getting warmer, may be the reason?).

To best describe the issue, let say I'm driving in very low sped in a flat surface like parking lot and my speed goes low enough for the rpm to drop around 1200 (more or less), then the engine starts coughing/stuttering and with little push of the accelerator the problem goes away. in this scenario the rpm doesn't go below 1200 rpm because on that rpm you feel you need to accelerate or go to stop. in some occasions the engine stoped (turned off) when I tried to accelerate hardly (3 or 4 occasions)

When in stop, sometime the car start jerking / stuttering / coughing (specially when you come to fast stop) and this getting worsen.

when the above symptoms occurs, sometime the EPC light comes on and off, and sometimes it makes the engine light on which goes away by itself after a while.

Also, sometimes you smell unburnt fuel in the car.

On the recent code reading of the ECU (done by my mechanics), three issue come up:
P218700system too lean at idle, bank 1
P034100camshaft position circuit range/performance
U102600transmission control module

Apart from above, then car is very responsive and accelerate great without any issue. As usual, there is an oil leak from timing chain cover but not that bad.

when it comes to transmission, it is good and apart from reversing in the downhill (that sometimes car start shaking and dont move), everything else is fine.

The fuel consumption is about 12L/00 KM

My mechanic is not sure if the issue is related to camshaft sensor or not! and the P218700 is very general!

has anyone had any similar experience? I would appreciate your help

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Mate u need to see a VAG specialist cos this one does not sound simple, to be honest. Over the web it is sure not easy to know what is going on....
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