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Hey guys I hope everyone’s well. Yesterday I got a notification on my dashboard stating that my brake pads need changing. I recently got an MOT done and was advised that I will soon need to change both the front and rear brake pads.

what I need assistance with is which brake pads to purchase. I have found brembo brake pads however one is cheaper and one is more expensive. The differences between the two and the figment measurements. Does anyone on here know what measurements that I will need for a 2017 2.0 tfsi coupe?

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Mate dunno. But you also need to ensure that the new pads match your discs. For instance I changed all 4 rotors and all of the pads at the same time and I bought a full set of Brembos so I knew they matched. If you are on the original rotors then I think most pads are good, opinions gang?? Most guys on here choose EBC I think.....cos they produce less dust.
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