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Hi lads,

bought an A5 back in August with 145k (miles) on the clock. She's been slowly getting all the necessary work done to her that's been needed such as:
  • New DMF/Clutch
  • New Alt Belt / Pulleys
  • New Timing Belt
  • Paint retouches/Rust repair (slight bit on the arch)
  • Replaced front left caliper (seized)
  • New front pads/discs
  • Major service

Engine is as sweet as a nut and her suspension is in good condition (had work done around 90k miles for MOT). I'm now looking into modifying her to look the way I want and am looking to do the following:
- Get her 19' TTRS Alloys repainted in Gloss Black like below:

- Get the calipers painted, thinking of going yellow as red is so overdone IMO.

Is it generally a pain to get these alloys resprayed? Would do it myself but masking the diamond cut edges seems a pain.
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