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My A5 is 6 months old and recently developed a problem where it would not start. The engine turned over but it would not go. Called Audi Assist - RAC - and they came out 2 times - on both occassions they got it started - once just by using the key but on one occassion it was still refusing to start and they jumped it off their battery. The said that there was an error code up but he did not recognise it.

The car has been in the garage for the last 8 days and they are saying that they have changed 2 Fuel Control Cards, a Fuel Pump and bypassed some wiring but it is still the same. They are saying that the problem is with Audi Technical support in Milton Keynes and they are being directed from there.

I am a bit worried that after 8 days they seem to be no further forward. Anyone else seen or heard of this problem?

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