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The 1.8TFSI engine is a fairly newish angine from Audi. I'm guessing it is the previous 1.8T with FSI technology added and probably a few other modifications.

My guess will be that when a re-map does become available, as I know of none yet available you will most likely get it to atleast 200bhp. Exhaust with a sports cat would probably add a further 15bhp in conjunction with the remap.

If you can't wait for a re-map you could always have a nitrous kit installed, but from what I know you wouldn't want it to add more than 25bhp to this engine with it only being a 4 cylinder - thats keeping it within a safe region where using nitrous wouldn't cause any damage to the engine.
I would think that 200bhp would be no problem at all - the old (non-FSI) 1.8T got to 225bhp as a factory output in the old S3 and TT. It did have different intake and exhaust system as well as a remap of the ECU, but I would think that with all this the FSI engine will easily go past 230bhp, and possibly even 250 without too much problem with regard to reliability. And that's without going silly and fitting a nitrous kit!

I would be surprised if there isn't an exhaust kit made by Milltek for the 1.8T A5 on the market by next summer (or possibly even earlier!)
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