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Hello, my first post.
I can buy A5 1.8 manual, will be in my country next month.
I search quiet car so the question is:
How high is noise in cabin at 100-120km/h in top gear?
Is it quiet car?
Like A8 3.0 ?
I would be thankful for answer.

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Welcome to the forum MKA5,

1.8 is super quiet, you can barely hear the engine below 4000rpm, 120km/h sits just over 2000rpm I think. There is quite a bit of tyre noise on the 19inch wheels, but it all depends on the road surface for this, but not too bad. Nearly all my passengers at 90mph have said they feel like there going 60mph because of the lack of noise and smoothness of the ride.

Engine will scream too 110mph in 4th easily and still pulls quite hard switching to 5th.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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