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Whenever I get an incoming call and I am already in a call, if I :
1) press "replace" then the original call disconnects, the radio will come back on, and about 5 seconds later, the phone will "ring" with the 2nd caller (had my wife try this for me and on her end, as the second caller, the phone just rings and rings until i answer it when it calls back. This does not seem to be typical for call waiting that I know, either at home or in previous Nissan Maxima

2) press "ignore" then call disconnects completely, and I am no longer talking to any body.Also seems a bit strange!

Anyway, I am using Verizon Palm 700WX, which is listed as fully compatible on AOA website. Also had same problems with Motorola Q, also listed as fully compatible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Thanks as always, and have a Great Thanksgiving everyone!

Andrew W
Delivered!!! 2009 S5
Brilliant Black/Magma Red
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