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How do.

I have used the search function but have not found the answers so, indulge me if you will.

1) Can anyone recommend a decent UK insurance company? I have a new 3l TDI and on the free insurance. Audi Ins. quoted three cows and my first born son, and Swiftcover £400 for 10 yrs now claims, 6 points and business use in God's Own County.

2) Can I retro fit MMI? I bought stock so it is fully loaded, except the MMI which was a schoolboy error on my part

Thanks all.

p.s. Zappa on the B&O system sounds as good as my Linn. I think i will live in my car and get the post redirected to it.
£400 seems good... I pay about the same.

I don't think MMI can be retro-fitted - that's a Q for the dealer... although you can get Denison system retrofitted which does the same... theres a few threads around here somewhere!

as for getting the post redirected, I just hope postie has a fast bike!

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