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2021 A5 40 TDI Sportback

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Hello guys,

I’m a new member and just bought my first A5 in January. It’s a 40TDI SB with 204 hp.
The car is awesome but I hate the fake right exhaust.

My question is if it’s possible to fit some model exhaust to make it real double exhaust. I know that the 40tfsi model have double ends but don’t know if it fits.
Also, I think that on the right side is the AdBlue tank.

Im not looking for performance yet, just to make a better rear view.

Does anyone can help here?

thank you in advance
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Welcome to the forums, beautiful car!

To answer your question, yes it’s definitely possible.

For dual outlets on both sides, you’ll need a new diffuser. The standard S5 will fit or even aftermarket one.

Secondly, you’ll be lucky to find a pre configured quad exhaust for the TDI models... more than likely a custom exhaust for yourself.

Thirdly, if you can’t fit the quad outlet due to adblue tank, then you can remove it and get a adblue delete software. Someone in this forum has already done the quad exhaust you mentioned with adblue delete.

Word of warning, cars that come with adblue tanks, which later on gets removed and caught can see hefty fines and ofcourse your car not being allowed on the road.

So really it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth the looks or not in this case 👍🏻

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