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Hi All.

I enabled the lap timer on my dash (part digital part analog with the colour screen). 2017MY. A5 Cou

I was a bit disappointed as I have a timer accessible with the left menu button but this is a distinct feature from the main driving computer and doesn’t show any additional info like the shift light. The boost gauge and oil temp don’t work either.

I have seen another variation of the lap timer in the main display somewhere between the speed and economy menus as you scroll up and down the screens. I don’t have this at all.

Anyone had any similar or different experiences with this? I used the OBD11 app to enable the lap timer so maybe there’s some extra coding I need to tweak? I hope so and they just didn’t roll out a really pants version of the lap timer for us normal A5 owners.

I should add that I updated the MIB software today from MHS2_ER_AU_P0463 to the highest I can find which is _2035. Thanks to @congo on this forum for that info.


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