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2017 A5 2.0 TFSI 252 Auto - Gearbox leaks & shifting issues - advice please

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Hi all, onto my 4th Audi, and unfortunately, bought what looks like a lemon of a car.

26k on the clock and ran fine for the first few weeks. Noticed the car wasn't shifting as well as it should do up and down the gears, a kind of hesitation and gap, akin to not taking your foot off the clutch nicely in a manual - nowhere near the smooth and responsive changes as my previous A4 & 5's have been.

Sent into Audi for a health check and got the news of an oil leak from the gearbox area - central differential and housing seal replaced at cost.

Back out and no change - still the same clunky up and downshifts.

Into Audi for a brake service and they noticed the gearbox leaking again, diagnosed as rear gearbox gasket and replaced under parts warranty. Still no change in the gear changes.

Been told (not from Audi) that the fault might be with the transfer box but tbh I'm at a loss now and after looking online, it could be a multitude of things. Without the box being dropped out and checked and possibly costing thousands, does anyone have any idea of what I may have on my hands?

Also, the seller of the vehicle wants nothing to do with it. I'm in Glasgow his dealership is in Wales.
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Mate how long have you owned this car cos I would consider Sale of Goods Act and all that.....
As far as I know u have 12 months warranty. Take it back and get yer money back!
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