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Apologies in advance because this is a very novice question. I had my car shut down on me while driving on the freeway.

I didn't hear any grinding of gears or anything dramatic. I didn't even notice the car died until I looked down and saw that it was no longer on and it was just coasting in neutral as I got off an exit.

There wasn't originally any check engine light. When I took it to the shop they said it actually triggered about 20 codes which I am still waiting on.

They think it may be a blown engine, the timing chain, or potentially something electronic.

Their next advised step is to take it to the dealership for further analysis but I figured I'd post here first before doing so.

I'll follow up with the specific codes but essentially they are gateway and module codes based on the shops explanation.

I'm in Utah by the way.

Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.
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