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2016 Audi A5 2.0 TDI Multitronic Black Edition Plus - adaptive xenon lights?

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Hi everyone,

I am torn between two examples of the car from the title, one definitely comes with the adaptive xenon lights, but the seller of the other one (which I like more) can't confirm that it comes with it as well, making the decision difficult.

Therefore, I was wondering perhaps, seeing as the Black Edition Plus is supposed to be the high spec version, if all of the 2016 Audi A5 2.0 TDI Multitronic Black Edition Plus trims come with the adaptive xenon lights? Could anyone confirm this?

If that is not the case, could anyone advise how I could check whether the car does indeed come with the adaptive xenon lights, other than turning the steering wheel and seeing if the beam changes? (the dealership closes before it gets dark!)

And just one last question, are all of the lights actually xenon for that trim, or is it possible that there is some poorer version of the headlights that is not xenon in BE+?

Thanks in advance!
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This is possibly indicated on the vehicle information sticker, usually affixed to the spare tyre well below the boot/trunk floor. PR-8Q3 is standard xenon range control (our NAR A4Q has this code), while PR-8Q5 is what you're after (AFS). Service departments should be able to get the full PR list from the VIN. --g
thanks for the reply @DrGER!

could you let me know if this is what the vehicle information sticker looks like?

Which part of the sticker is supposed to say either the PR-8Q3 or PR-8Q5? Is it possible that something else will be there instead altogether?

thanks again!
@Yukka : Yes, your link from Ross-Tech is correct. Notice on their example, 8Q3 is listed in the 3rd column, indicating xenon self-leveling headlights. I think if the car has xenon headlights, you should expect to find either 8Q3 (normal) or 8Q5 (AFS) listed (though this isn't a given, either, since the list printed on the sticker is a subset of the full build codes for the car). But if you do find 8Q3, the car won't have AFS (and if you find 8Q5, you know for certain).

A useful VAG PR code decoder is here: VAG Codes --g
thanks again!

i was wondering perhaps there is some UK based website where I could put the VIN in and check the options spec?
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