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2015 A5 multitronic gearbox.

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Hi guys.

New member here, so apologies if this is in the wrong place.

I am looking at a 2015 A5, 5 door.

It has a multitronic auto gearbox, and after reading some reviews and other forums it seems like it may be one to avoid?

The car itself has 76k on the clock, and is a 2.0 TDI diesel.

I am waiting on a reply from the dealer who is chasing the service history because apparently it is all digital on Audis.

I am not very clued up on the specifics of the gearbox etc, I just like the look of the a5, and after just selling my hot hatch (MK7.5 Fiesta ST) I am after something with a bit of luxury and comfort, and better mpg.

Can anyone give me the stupid version of if this gearbox is any good or likely to cause me issues?

Thanks in advance.
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I've been on this forum since 2017 and I keep an eye on this topic as I have the multitronic box on my 1.8 TFSI. It is anecdotal, but I think its fair to say problems with the A5 multitronic are fairly uncommon. Problems don't get reported on here very often. If you have a search on here you'll find far more examples of people saying there are problems with the MT transmission than having actual issues.

There were issues with older models which seem to have been addressed with various design modifications. People tend to be against them because the industry as a a whole is moving away from multitronic transmissions. Also when these things go wrong the repairs can be very expensive and if you want to tune your car for performance you might want to go for s-tronic.
Thanks for your reply. I've seen audis have B8 & B8.5, not sure which one this is. I dont plan on tuning it to be fair, would you say its better to avoid the multitronic gearbox then? Try and get a Manuel or s tronic box?
whats the VIN no. if you have it i can check the digital schedule
I don't have the VIN I'm afraid.

This is the advert if any information can be taken from it;

Thanks for such a detailed response.

Yeah, the car is over 2 hours away so might have to put a refundable reserve down and go check it out before buying it I reckon. I did some checks on the dealer, and all the reviews from various different sites are mostly positive so not too concerned there to be fair.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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