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So after a string of lease cars and not being able to get a replacement until we’ll into 2022 I decided to buy an A5 to stand in while I wait.

I wanted a colour, not monochrome and the Shiraz really struck me in the sunlight, not a fan of the 19s and it would ride better on higher profiles but itll do for the moment.

Ive had quite a few Audis previously including (not in any order) :
mk1 TT cab
mk1 TTQS (still own)
mk2 TT coupe
Q7 4.2
Q7 6.0
A6 (C6)
Mk2 TTS cab (still own - fitted with an Android 10 PX6 unit)

Picked up the A5 in Hampshire and drove it back a couple of weeks ago - and was shocked at how badly the AMI/MMI has aged.

Ive replaced a few small trim pieces to get it in a better condition (scratched pieces and loose fittings) had my plate put on it and replaced the MMI with an Android 11 12.5” unit.

No plans other than this though - it’s essentially a stop gap but you never know, I may not want to let it go!


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Welcome to the forums, that’s a rare colour!

I like the large widescreen you installed. Looks really nice and brings it a much needed modern touch.

does it support Apple play wirelessly?

Im sure there’s plenty of mods available here if you do decide to want any change to your car 🤪


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It’s not from RSNav, it’s larger than the units they supply (their units are a shade over 10”).

I don’t believe RSNav manufacture their units though as they’re widely available from multiple sellers.
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