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2014 S5 P2007 fault code

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I recently had a coolant leak so booked the car to my local Audi garage to investigate the problem. They performed a pressure test and noticed a drop so needed to remove the supercharger to investigate further. They ended up replacing the Water Pump and Thermostat as that is where the leak appeared to be coming from. This being a 6 hour job set me back more than I had anticipated. But was glad to get the car back yesterday and drove home which is around 40 minutes from the Audi garage.

I went to use the car this morning and about 30 seconds after leaving my driveway an amber engine management light came on. I called Audi and they suggested I bring it back in again on Tuesday.
I put a code reader on it and it is showing P2007 - Powertrain - Fuel and air metering and auxiliary emission controls - Intake manifold runner control stock closed.

I am guessing that this has been caused during the work performed with removal of many parts. The car seems to tick over as normal but I don't want to put my foot down to see if it has lost any power as I would not want to do any damage.

Is it safe to drive the car to the Audi garage on Tuesday morning (carefully) which will be around 40 mins?
Any suggestions of what I could visually check?

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I'm paraphrasing what I have read by others who know more - I understand that this is a risk when the supercharger is put back on. Nothing you can check - they need to remove and replace the supercharger properly this time. It's safe to drive. If it doesn't go into limp mode with normal driving then drive it normally - since one bank is restricted then don't put your foot down - although all that could happen is that limp mode would be triggered.
Cheers Dippy. I will be heading to the Audi garage early in the morning and planned to drive nice and carefully. I also called the garage who said that as long as the engine management light is not red than it should be okay to drive in.

Fingers crossed they will fix it without trying to charge me!
I took it into Audi this morning and they refitted the supercharger again properly this time. Light is not longer on and all seems to be good.
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