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Think I would be a little fed up after all that time. Thank you for coming back with an update though, like me, most are interested to hear the out come.

These electrical faults are not common and due to the water ingress left unchecked. I too had some water ingress in the boot, but checked everything and fortunately no water damage to the electrics. It is still dry now! I think mine was the left hand tail light and at around 43k miles. My water pump was done under warranty at a few years old around 19k miles.

At the end of the day, the dealer should know about things like this and offer to repair/pay in full and ALL the issues like the paddles and lane assist.

Is the 1100rpm noise a rattle? The most common rattle on these engines is the flex pipe on the downpipes. The flexi pipe has a sort of chain mail around the flexi part and the exhaust vibrates around these revs. I fixed mine by putting a jubilee clamp on the flexi part - quite apt for this weekend! :) But I have since replaced the down pipes with aftermarket stainless steel V8 jobbies which have a stainless mesh around the flex rather than the chain mail.

I'm hoping it is this and the unlucky streak in this car has ended, but another issue with the symptoms of vibration and noise is the flywheel or crank pulley. But these engine can vibrate around 1100rpm and it the exhaust resonating. Get a video done ad the keyboard mechanics might be able to diagnose it, before going down the black hole of oooh it could be this, or that or more big bills!

Also you said you car is a 2014, but do you know if it is the revised CREC engine which are vehicles registered after May 2014?
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