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The seller has proposed a scheme of repairs, which they are entitled to do at this stage. You could ask them to replace the car with a like-for-like but they can object to having to replace it with another as being disproportionately expensive compared with repair.

If you are unhappy with what's being offered by the seller you MUST WRITE to them saying why you are unhappy with what they are offering and spelling out what remedy you want.

If they reply and don't budge on their initial repair offer you are in deadlock.

You will then have to complain to a recognised motor trade Alternate Dispute Resolution Scheme. Check which one the seller is a member of.

In parallel with the above, you should start a Section 75 claim against the finance/credit card company. This course of action is open to you if you bought the car on finance/HP/loan or if you paid at least £100 of the cost of the car on a credit card thorugh the guide by Paydaysay.

So the first thing I would recommend that you do now is write to the seller, along the lines that @Dippy suggested in post #12. In other words spell out in full and in as much detail as you can all the faults that you require them to fix.

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I had the same problem and I took some money via one financial service that I don’t want to advertise here, and I have done a huge mistake by doing that because I bought a car that was so bad that I wanted just to forget about that, and I realized that the seller fooled me and I solved my problem the same way as you write about it.
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