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Hey guys.

I'm new here. I just purchased a 2013 Audi s5 at an auction and to my unpleasant surprise it has transmission problems.
The car shifts into reverse but seems to have no power, and forward it shifts into gear but with bumps. I saw that there was trans fluid leakage from the transmission oil pan gasket, so I checked the fluid level, but it is ok.

The scanner gives me the codes:
P286B00 (Clutch 'A' pressure engagement too high)
P060A00 (Internal control unit monitoring processor performance)

VAG number: 8k1927156S
System designation: OB5 30TFSINAR

What do the more experienced recommend me? a used full transmission? Or try to fix the mechatronics?

It's my first S5 and I really liked the car, I'm looking forward to getting it to run
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