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2013+ A5 to RS5 style grill

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Evening all,

Someone backed in to my car recently and I now need to replace my RS5 style grill.
Unfortunately Xenonz no longer do RS5 style grills with rings/holders so I need to find one elsewhere.

Live in Manchester but work near Liverpool if anyone has one they're looking to sell.

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Did you find a front grill for your car? I'm still looking for an alternative to the gloss black xenonz grill, where the ring/ring holder is included.
I got mine from here and they include next day shipping. They are UK based and have a wicked customer service, all for £199.99. All styles too. They also sell on ebay. I've put both linbks up for you.

Mine looks and fits awesome. They guy I dealt with is called Carl.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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