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What’s up first time here.
I’ve recently started doing some upgrades for performance on my a5.
catless downpipe, IE cold air intake, and IE stage 2 flash tune. Couple questions of anyone can help me out.
First off I’ve been having trouble with CEL coming on whenever I have an after market intake on. First I had an injen cold air and my light was coming on constantly so I got the tune to maybe get rid of the light. That didn’t work. So i changed the intake to an IE intake and now I still have the same issues. The code is p2177 system to lean off idle. And when ever I take off my intake and have the stock on the light never comes on. Any one else have a problem with after market intakes ?

second question is I’m looking into getting a intercooler and throttle body spacer. Anyone have suggestions in which ones to get any suggestions on any other mods I should look into?

appreciate any help!
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