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2013 3.0tdi dpf delete with cat back milktek exhaust

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I currently have an automatic a5 3.0tdi remapped with a miltek exhaust, the exhaust does make a nice sound however very quiet, I was wondering if I should get the dpf removed for a louder and better sounding car. My only worry is droning on the motorway as I do a lot of motorway miles? Does anyone else has this current set up and could advise me ?
Thank you
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Hi I have full decat. swirl flap and dcr valve delete no back boxes on A5 stage 2 remap and gearbox remap it sounds like a jet on tick over but is OK to drive until u stomp on floor then it's pretty noisy but you are so far away from anyone it just don't matter. This is for off road only😁😁you have to put it back for mot and road use. :unsure::unsure:
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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