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2011 Audi A5 Black Edition

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Hi all,

*Complete novice warning - my first ever Audi having came from BMWs*

I have just purchased a new car yesterday, specification as follows:

2011 Audi A5 Black Edition
2.0 TFSI petrol engine
Glacier / Ibis white (need to determine this! There is a metallic flake in sunlight which makes me think glacier?)
19k miles
Full service history
Black Valcona leather upgrade
Start / stop
Xenons & DRLs
19" Rotar alloys
Black edition interior inserts

A few questions:

1. There is a slight bit of typical wear on the driver's seat bolster - what leather kit is best for this? I'll add more photos of the specific area when I get a chance.

2. 2 of the wheels have a slight bit of kerbing although not enough to justify a full refurb. Is there a technique that can be used to rectify this or can anyone shed any light? Again, I'll add photos when I get time.

3. Is this model prone to the oil consumption issues that I have read about? If so, how is best to check?

To do list:

Dip stick
Lip spoiler - anything recommended?
LED bulbs - Fog, reverse and number plate - anywhere in the UK sell led or white versions?
Update Infotainment system - how do I find my version and install any updates?
Access hidden menu - do I need VAGCOM?

Is there anyone based in Northern Ireland that could tweak a few things in VAGCOM for me? The list is:

Reverse screen and mirror tilt
Alarm beep when opening and closing
Windows drop when unlock held
Anything else worth doing?

Photos are below from the for sale ad. I'll be taking my own soon as mentioned above.

Thanks in advance,


PS, I am in Northern Ireland should that have any relevance to purchases.

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I think a brillo pad would add scratches so I wouldn't.

Dirt cheap, get some lol. I got 4m I think.

NEW Top Quality Liberon Steel Wire Wool Grade 0000 various lengths available | eBay
Thanks again Jamin! Just ordered 2m there to get me started.
The tips were polished stainless I think - I cleaned up with wash, bug and tar remover then stainless polish ( nicked from the wifes cooker cleaning kit) and came up mint!
Still pressing on with the car and been very busy. Since my last update:

Interior white LED bulbs fitted to brighten up the interior. The standard yellow halogen bulbs really bugged me. No photos, but you get the idea.

Replaced the front fogs with some better bulbs. Again the standard bulbs were contrasting too much with the DRLs. Given that the fogs are the "find my way way home" bulbs when you open and lock the car, it really ground my gears looking at the yellow tinge. Photo below shows the comparison, although it is more stark in real life / night time.

LED number plate bulbs fitted too to complete the bulb changes.

Took the car for a run to Lough Eske in Donegal for the weekend. Safe to say I loved it! Excuse the Instagram filters (@lee2050 for anyone interested) as I use it quite a lot.

Pressed, legal font plates arrived this morning too, they'll be going on tonight once I get home.

Auto Smart Tardis has arrived too, so going to do a debadge when I get time this week.


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Next update. Car is now holding the new pressed plates and I debadged the rear using Autosmart Tardis and an old hairdryer:

I also spent an hour bringing the exhaust up to standard with G101, wire wool and Autosol. Delighted with how it came up. the first photo was after some G101 and a good scrub. The wire wool and Autosol really worked wonders!!


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