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2011 A5 No Crank

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I left my 2011 Audi A5 2.0t 6M parked outside for about 2 hours and I come back and it will not start.
I went to start it and nothing... No crank, no ticking, nothing.
My battery is not dead and I even tried having a friend jump-start it and still nothing. It is -15 fahrenheit but I can't imagine it not starting because of that, because I've had no issues with cold like that before. I think my culprit is the starter but I'm not entirely sure. Maybe a fuse or something simple?
I did check my clutch sensor fuse and my starter fuse and both were fine. I will go back to my car tomorrow to attempt to push start it.
Any insight on what it could possibly be?
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Dont forget that these cars are mega sensitive to battery levels. Perhaps you need a new battery??
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