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I dont get alot of time to troubleshoot things but my car is using alot of oil. Already switched to the newer PCV which helped some. Oil was being sucked into the turbo and into the intake from the bad PCV. There is oil in the intercooler tube from the right side before the throttle body. Dripping wet, not just small residue. I need to take the airbox off and get to the turbo to check for play in the shaft and also check the wastegate flapper. I am almost 100% sure that is flopping around and not sealing.

Ok now to the real question. If I decide to take the engine out and replace the rings and pistons im thinking about buying the k04 turbo with manifold. It is about the same price as the k03 turbo with manifold. Under $1000 But if you bought a kit from a tuner it would be almost $3000?? What do I actually need to do the k04 setup besides needing a tune after it is installed? Does it need bigger injectors? Ive searched and searched and there really isnt very straight forward information. Im ok with buying turbo for under 1k and getting a tune for 500 but buying one from them for 3k seems crazy?

If I have to take the engine out ill be doing the
Pistons and rings
gasket sets
timing chain and guides
water pump
injectors?? since audi says they fail...
let me know if im missing something to replace.

What do I need if I want to switch out the turbo for the k04 besides a tune.

Thanks for any input.. please dont tell me to "trade it in for an s5"

If I bought this turbo below (k04) what else would I need to get it to work right? just a tune?

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