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This article in Car and Driver, and also on Fortitude, give some good insights into Drive Select.

Although the title of the article highlights the speculation on the powerplant for the new S4 as a forced induction V6 3.0 liter, it also provides insight into the next step in Drive Select.
Drive Select has been speculated about a lot on this forum and only a few members have been able to experience it due to Audi’s restrictive availability of the option (Germany and Oz). It will now be available in additional markets for 2009 MY cars (US, UK, others?), which is great news in itself.

There has also been a lot of discussion and speculation on the planned, but undelivered, Sport Differential. Until details on the 2009 S5 are available (with country-specific options considered), this article give some insight and hope about the robustness of Drive Select. I only hope that the whole 4-way package will be available for 2009.
As of today, the preliminary US 2009 Order Guide shows only the option for the 3-way system for Engine, Steering and Suspension (dampers).

Note that the C&D article diagrams showing the all of the components of Drive Select is an S5, not an A4 or S4. Also note that the MMI screen shows the 4 selectable custom options as: Engine, Steering, Suspension (dampers) and Sport Differential.

We can only hope !!


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