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Just wondering if anyone can point in in the right direction to getting rid of the codes on my car:

Basic OBD2:
P0100 (pending) - Mass or Volume Air Flow "A" Circuit

Central electronics:
00256 - Givers for refrigerant pressure / temperature (G395)

Heater & air conditioning:
00457 - Control Module for Network (J519)
00256 - Givers for refrigerant pressure / temperature (G395)

Parking brake:
01314 - Engine Control Module (ECM)

01314 - Engine Control Module (ECM)
00473 - Control Module for Electric Park- / Hand Brake (J540)


Headlight aiming:
02988 - Left/Right-Hand Traffic Switchover Active

01303 - Telephone Transceiver (R36)
02983 - Connection between Impedance-Converter 1 and Disc-Antenna

The main ones im concerned about is the ones linked to the errors i receive on turning the ignition on - Parking brake malfunction (although the parking brake still seems to work), ESP Fault, Start/Stop system fault.

Thanks in advance.

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You’ll need a far better specific tool scanner like Rosstech lead to see what the issue is. It’ll give a slightly more detailed code read out.
The forums are extremely active too so the Rosstech forums will also be a massive help!

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